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We drive arbitrage by investing in a new network of developers and operators in commercial real estate (CRE). Some of our most profitable investments have been in non-traditional industries like mobile homes, real estate technology, or Cannabis as well as non-traditional markets like Baltimore, MD and Southeast Los Angeles.

Over the years, we’ve built a community of 1,000+ members. We invest in a new generation of operators, which has resulted in a by-product of funding primarily people of color, LGBTQ+ and women-led firms.

Our Operating Partners

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Our Operating Partners

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Our Operating Partners

Some of our partners include:

Industries We Love

We love investing in niche industries such as:

  • Mental Health Real Estate: We invest in mental health and substance abuse facilities where the rent is typically paid through government contracts. 

  • Cannabis: Although the U.S. cannabis industry continues to grow 20%+ annually, cannabis is an underfunded industry due to federal regulations and lack of institutional capital.

RCP was one of the leading LPs in Altmore Capital’s $110+ million fund, which provides senior secured loans backed by assets (real estate, licenses, and equipment) for cannabis operators and developers.

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Our Value Proposition

Unlocking A New Network Arbitrage

Modern Apartment Building


Funds that are majority owned by minorities and women have higher annualized returns and equity multiples*

*Source: Professor Josh Lerner of Harvard Business School’s 2021 Diverse Asset Management Firm Assessment



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Despite the performance, there’s a market inefficiency: minorities and women manage less than ~2% of CRE assets*

*Source: Professor Josh Lerner of Harvard Business School’s 2021 Diverse Asset Management Firm Assessment

Apartment Building



A New Network

We’re funding a different network of deals. Over the years, we've built a community of 1,000+ members and all of our deals come through referrals from our members. 

In every investment, we allow ordinary investors to participate, lowering the barrier and education for CRE investing.

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