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Investment Criteria

We’ve tracked the performance of $7.2+ billion of investments over our careers, developing three investment criteria to stay disciplined over many market cycles.

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Bet on long term trends.

We buy real estate, tracking population, demographic, and technology trends. We then partner with long-term capital, anticipating long-term holds to overcome short-term market fluctuations.


Vet the operator.

We seek out great assets, run by experienced operators. We vet the sponsor’s track record, and more importantly, invest in projects with aligned incentive structures.


Analyze property economics.

Finally, our last layer is looking at property level cash flows. We keep it simple: we like to buy “low," buying below replacement cost with strong cash yields.

We love funding operating partners and developers that traditional sources of capital overlook. We love investing in markets like Baltimore, MD or Southeast Los Angeles. We invest in real estate teams that embrace PropTech and hire software engineers. We invest in niche industries like mobile homes and the Cannabis sector where there is lack of institutional capital. We love funding a different network of deals.

Our Operating Partners

Some of our partners include:

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